I must admit that it seems strange to me that I am attempting to write about myself, but in retrospect, there are times that I have gone to a site on the internet to find out about someone that I have recently seen perform, or perhaps I am about attend a show with a new performer that I know absolutely nothing about. So – I began to learn how to use some of the technology that seemed totally alien to me.

I prefer to communicate face to face. Yet everyone I know is taking me by the hand and convincing me to start sharing on line. I am not very savvy when it comes to social networking. As a matter of fact I do not posses a cell phone! so all this is fairly new to me.

I must confess – I am about to seriously launch myself into ‘the biz of show’ when I walk on stage with my own ‘ extravaganza ‘ at the Metropolitan Room in New York this October. So – yes, there is an ulterior motive to this sudden ‘ burst of net ‘.

And so I begin…